The name of the organization shall be the Japan Association for Language Teaching-CALL SIG, hereinafter referred to as the JALT CALL SIG.


1. The JALT CALL SIG is a semi-autonomous group within the NPO Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT).
2. In the conduct of its activities, the JALT CALL SIG shall comply with the policies and directives of the JALT National Coordinating Committee, and act in accordance with the provisions of the national constitution and bylaws.


The JALT CALL SIG is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to research and promote the use of technologies to facilitate language learning. The organization shall foster research, issue publications, hold periodic meetings, and carry out other activities to further its aims.


Individual voting membership shall be open to any JALT member upon payment of the annual membership fee currently set by JALT.


1. The JALT CALL SIG shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the annual JALT Conference at a time and place announced to all JALT CALL SIG members in a timely manner prior to the meeting. Members present at this meeting shall constitute a quorum.
2. All JALT members are welcome to attend this meeting, but only members of the JALT CALL SIG as ascertained by the Membership Chair shall be entitled to vote.


1. The JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee is the policy-making body of the JALT CALL SIG and is comprised of the officers listed in the Bylaws below, Section I.
2. Terms of Officers elected at the AGM or thereafter shall start the day following the Annual General Meeting at the annual JALT Conference and continue until the next annual JALT Conference.
3. Former officers are expected to help in the completion of projects planned and begun during their tenure.
4. With the exception of the Coordinator, one person may hold more than one office.


Officer’s expenses needed to perform his or her duties shall be reimbursed.


The JALT CALL SIG shall produce at least three publications, including either print or online versions, per year.


The JALT CALL SIG’s financial year shall begin on 1 April and end on 31 March.


1. Amendments to this Constitution must be proposed by at least three members of the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee or at least 5% of the CALL SIG members.
2. The proposed amendment(s) shall be ratified in a procedure clearly explained to all JALT CALL SIG members in writing and delivered online. The proposed amendment(s) must be ratified by a simple majority of the members voting at the Annual General Meeting; voting electronically and by absentee ballot will be possible. When ratifying amendments outside of AGMs is necessary, votes of approval from at least 10% of active members are required for ratification of amendments outside of AGMs.


When motions made at the Annual General Meeting or at an Officer’s Meeting result in specific actions or concepts being defined, they should be made into a Standing Rule and posted along with the By-Laws. Standing Rules may be created, changed or eliminated by a simple majority vote of the officers. Votes can be accepted online or in person.





The Coordinator shall have general responsibility for coordinating the activities of the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee and for directing the affairs of the JALT CALL SIG. S/he shall preside at the JALT CALL SIG Annual General Meeting and at other JALT CALL SIG sponsored events. In the absence of the Coordinator, another officer appointed by the Coordinator shall chair the meeting. The Coordinator will serve as liaison to JALT and other similar organizations. The Coordinator shall submit an annual report to JALT.


The Treasurer shall keep all financial records, and collect and disburse all funds of the JALT CALL SIG. S/he shall present an account of the financial status of the organization at the JALT CALL SIG Annual General Meeting, and submit regular financial reports to the National SIG Treasurer Liaison. The Treasurer shall prepare the financial documents for an internal audit to take place after the books have been closed at the end of each fiscal year (normally March 31).


The Membership Chair shall be responsible for registering and renewing membership, keeping membership information provided by members, maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the membership, databasing for internal analysis, and forwarding membership information to the appropriate JALT officers.


The JALT CALL Journal Editor shall work with the JALT CALL SIG journal staff and Publications Chair in editing and publishing at least 3 regular journals or special publications of this organization per calendar year.


The Program Chair shall supervise the planning and organizing of all regular and special programs and provide the necessary information to officers of the SIG or other JALT agencies as needed. S/he shall solicit presentation proposals from JALT CALL SIG members and arrange for vetting them where necessary. S/he shall contact and arrange for speakers to present at the annual JALT Conference and SIG Symposium, actively offering programs to JALT Chapters, special events of JALT or other foreign language educational organizations.


The Telecommunications Chair shall foster and coordinate telecommunications (i.e. email, website, etc.) among JALT CALL SIG members. S/he shall also provide telecommunications advice to JALT bodies and members upon request.


The Publications Chair shall foster and coordinate publications within the JALT CALL SIG, this shall include, but not be limited to, newsletters, journals, books, online resources, and software. S/he shall be responsible for obtaining ISBN and ISSN numbers for publications.


The Publicity Chair shall be responsible for keeping up-to-date flyers, brochures, and press releases for the JALT CALL SIG and the various SIG activities. S/he will keep a list of pertinent media contacts for announcement purposes.


The Japanese Language Coordinator shall work with the Publicity Chair to make sure that all publicity materials are also available in Japanese. S/he shall coordinate with the Telecommunications Chair to ensure that sections of the JALT CALL SIG website are translated into Japanese as appropriate. S/he shall coordinate with the Program Chair to make sure that the JALT CALL SIG program includes events in the Japanese language. S/he shall collaborate with the Publications Chair to ensure that the Japanese-language sections of JALT CALL SIG publications are accurate. Unlike other JALT CALL SIG officer positions, the Japanese Language Coordinator is not an elected position; any JALT CALL SIG member(s) interested in serving in this position can be appointed by the SIG Coordinator for an indefinite term.


The Associate Member (AM) liaison shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining relations with JALT Associate Members. S/he shall coordinate with AMs to enlist their participation in the annual JALT CALL SIG conference, JALT CALL SIG publications and as a resource for information and support for any JALT CALL SIG activities.


The Member(s)-At-Large shall assist other JALT CALL SIG officers with projects at the recommendation of the Coordinator, be responsible for having minutes taken at the JALT CALL SIG Annual General Meeting and having them provided to the Coordinator and the journal Editor in a timely manner. S/He/They shall be responsible for the supervision of the annual election of JALT CALL SIG officers or providing disinterested mediation and procedures in other contested situations.


1. Elections shall be held at the annual JALT CALL SIG Meeting by voice vote. Voting shall be by secret written ballots when there are contested positions.
2. Nominations for Officers may be submitted in writing prior to the election or proposed from the floor at the AGM. Any member of the JALT CALL SIG may nominate members in good standing for any office.
3. Before announcing the results of an election, ballot results, if any, shall be examined by at least two JALT CALL SIG officers or three JALT CALL SIG members who are not candidates for the office/s in question.
4. In the event of a tie vote, the members of the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee present, excepting the Coordinator, shall cast the deciding votes. In the event there is a tie by the Coordinating Committee itself, the deciding vote shall be cast by the incumbent Coordinator.
5. In the event of a position going unfilled after the AGM, the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee shall have one month to find candidates for the position. In the case of a contested position, the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee will vote. Ballots may be sent by fax, mail, or email to the designated elections officer, a Coordinating Committee member not contesting the position.
6. If an officer resigns or vacates his/her position, all JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee members shall be informed of the vacancy. They shall have one week to seek nominees. They then shall elect a successor to serve in that position until the next Annual General Meeting. Ballots in the case of a contested position may be sent to the designated elections officer, a Coordinating Committee member not contesting the position.
7. An officer who fails to perform his or her duties under the JALT CALL SIG Constitution and Bylaws or the JALT National Board policies may be removed from office by a three-fourths vote of the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee (excluding the officer in question). The officer in question shall be notified of the petition, allowed to make a rebuttal to the Committee, and offered the option to resign if the Coordinating Committee decides the petition is valid.
8. A notice announcing the Officers of the JALT CALL SIG shall be provided to all SIG members in the first journal after the election.


JALT CALL SIG officers must attempt to avoid conflicts of interest between their professional duties of office and their private interests. Specifically, a potential conflict of interest shall be said to exist if: (1) a person editing a JALT CALL SIG publication decides whether his/her own article should be published or how it should be edited, (2) a JALT CALL SIG officer wishes to represent this organization as a speaker at a JALT event, or (3) an SIG officer uses the name or resources of the SIG (a) to promote the sale of commercial materials or services, or (b) to seek employment opportunities or elective offices. To avoid such cases, the following measures are appropriate: All members must be informed through the SIG journal or mail of JALT CALL SIG publishing or presenting opportunities. Officers should consider the following guidelines: (1) Any person(s) editing a JALT CALL SIG publication may write articles for that publication. However, they must abstain from deciding whether their article(s) is published and how it is edited. The decision to accept/reject and to edit such an article must be made by the other SIG publications-related officers. (2) Any officer may represent the JALT CALL SIG at a conference, but must abstain from the selection process. Program-related officers, excluding presentation proposers, shall supervise the vetting of proposals. (3) Any officer may engage in commercial activities, but must not associate the name or resources of the JALT CALL SIG or any JALT forum with commercial or politically motivated activities.


For administrative purposes, the working languages of the JALT CALL SIG shall be English and/or Japanese.


In addition to fulfilling its purpose as stated in the constitution, the JALT CALL SIG will place priority on keeping the number of members at 50 or more, the number of officers at 4 or more, and the number of publications published per year at 3 or more.


Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed and carried out in the same manner as constitutional amendments. In addition, these Bylaws may be amended by a three-quarters vote of the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee.
Amendments to the JALT CALL SIG Bylaws or Constitution: there are currently no amendments to the constitution or bylaws as all previous amendments have been incorporated into the revision effective 1 May 2011.


The Coordinator shall recommend procedures for the management of the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee and the Annual General Meeting. In the case of objections to such recommendations, the Coordinating Committee members present shall discuss and agree upon rules and procedures to manage the meeting, consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws.

This Constitution and Bylaws were approved by the JALT CALL SIG Coordinating Committee on 11 May 2011.

Approved at the JALT CALL SIG Annual General Meeting on 19 November 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.