What am I joining?

JALTCALL is but one of the many special-interest groups supported by The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT). Membership in JALTCALL implies, and requires, membership in JALT itself. For detailed information about JALT and what it is all about, check out their website at http://jalt.org

Can I join JALTCALL without joining JALT itself?

You do not need to be a member of JALT to be a subscriber to the JALT CALL Journal.

How much does it cost and how do I join?

If You Are a JALT Member:
Regular rate: 1,500 yen
All payment and registration details are handled by JALT Central. JALT will notify the JALTCALL Membership Chair upon confirmation of payment. Your SIG membership coincides with your JALT membership.

If You Are NOT a JALT Member:
Subscriber rate: 3,000 yen
All payment and registration details are handled by JALTCALL. Do not go through JALT for a subscriber rate. Your membership begins in the month you signed up and goes for one year.

Applications to join the SIG may be made:

  • at any JALT or JALTCALL meeting.
  • by using the postal money transfer form (yubin furikae) found in every issue of The Language Teacher.
  • by accessing http://jalt.org/main/join and paying with a credit card.

Where can I get more information about joining JALTCALL?

Please direct all questions regarding membership in JALTCALL to the current Membership Chair [sig-membership at jaltcall.org].