Get involved

5 things you can do for the CALL SIG & why you will benefit:

1: Stay active in the CALL SIG

Before anything else, make sure you are a member. Pay dues on
time, ensure you are on the mailing list, read our publications, and
attend the annual JALTCALL conference. You benefit with first-hand
access to a vast network of CALL researcher-practitioners and a
personal connection to the community which is the CALL SIG.

2: Volunteer

Volunteer to hold an office or become an officer assistant
Active participation on the officer committee can develop
organizational skills and improve any CV. First, contact a current
SIG officer and ask what they do. Then find out how you can help.
Finally, stand for office at the AGM.

3: Attend the conference

Attending the JALTCALL conference will increase your exposure to
many fresh ideas and researcher-teachers in CALL. You can learn
much and make valuable contacts.

4: Present at the conference

Presenting at the JALTCALL conference will disseminate your ideas
on CALL to a wonderful group of CALL practitioners and look great
on a CV.

5: Help organize the conference or a training seminar

Become actively involved in the process of creating a JALTCALL
conference and improve organizational skills and get an inside look
at the process by which the latest CALL ideas are disseminated to
the wider world of CALL.