2021 PCP

Todd Cooper, James York, Editors

Associate Editors: Michael Blodgett, Edo Forsythe, Anthony Brian Gallagher, Satchie Haga, Bradley Irwin, Louise Ohashi, Robert Swier, Joe Tomei.

Contents (Click on each chapter’s title to access individual chapters)

  1. Invited Chapter: Optimizing the future of language teaching with technology in Japan. Elizabeth (Betsy) Lavolette, Kyoto Sangyo University.
  2. Micro-credentials: Surveying the landscape. Neil Cowie, Okayama University. Keiko Sakui, Kobe Shoin Women’s University.
  3. Transitions, bridges and connections: student reflections on the role of SNS in ERTL in 2020Sandra Healy, Kyoto Institute of Technology.
  4. The negative impacts of student use of online tools during emergency remote teaching and learning on teacher-student relationshipsOlivia Kennedy, Nagahama Institute of Bioscience and Technology.
  5. Comparing ways of distributing peer evaluations, after student presentations in class or online. Tim Knight, Shirayuri University.
  6. A comparison of linear and interactive fiction on vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension and engagement. Tsuzuki Nagai, Masters student at Tokyo Denki University. James York, Tokyo Denki University.
  7. Enhancing and expanding intercultural learning through collaborative online international learning. Kevin Ottoson, Nagoya Women’s University.
  8. Doing peer feedback in a high school EFL writing class via Google Docs and Sheets: A workshop. Alvin Santos, Meiho Junior and Senior High School.
  9. Hedging in academic writing: Cross-disciplinary comparisons in the Michigan Corpus of Upper-Level Student Papers (MICUSP). Xue Wang, PhD student at Johns Hopkins University.

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ISBN 978-4-901352-67-3

Remote Teaching & Beyond 2021

Selected papers from the JALTCALL2021 Conference, Japan.

© 2022 by the JALT CALL SIG and individual authors.

First published in Japan in 2022 by the JALT CALL SIG.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37546/JALTSIG.CALL.PCP2021