Teaching with Technology 2020

Editor: Edo Forsythe
Associate Editors: Anthony Brian Gallagher, Douglas Jarrell, Branden Kirchmeyer, Louise Ohashi, James York

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1 Invited Chapter: The NGSL Project: Building Wordlists and Resources to help EFL Learners (and Teachers) to Succeed, Dr. Charles Browne, Meiji Gakuin University

2 Taking an English Language Curriculum Online, Steven Asquith,  Kanda University of International Studies
Phoebe Lyon,  Kanda University of International Studies, Kathryn Jurns, Kanda University of International Studies

3 The Current State of MALL in Japanese Universities, Edo Forsythe, Hirosaki Gakuin University

4 Enhancing teacher education through a lesson study application built with WordPress, James M. Hall, Iwate University, Kodai Tamura, Iwate University Graduate School of Education, Shuhei Kumagai, Iwate University Graduate School of Education

5 Exploring EFL student use of digital backchannels during collaborative learning activities, Peter Ilic, University of Aizu

6 Comparing Writing vs. Smartphone Tapping Speed, Bradford Lee, Fukui University of Technology

7 Law Undergraduates’ Understanding and Appropriation of Arguments in Online Essay Writing Tutorials, Suman Luhach, Bennett University, India

8 A comparison of the affective affordances of a static and interactive VR system on learner FLA and motivation, Koichi Shibata, Tokyo Denki University, James York, Tokyo Denki University

9 The effect of modality on oral task performance in voice, video, and VR-based environments, Hayato Tokutake, Tokyo Denki University, James York, Tokyo Denki University, Hiroshi Nakayama, Tokyo Denki University

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ISBN 978-4-901352-61-# 

Teaching with Technology 2020 

Selected papers from the JALTCALL2020 Conference, Japan. 

© 2021 by the JALT CALL SIG and individual authors. 

First published in Japan in 2021 by the JALT CALL SIG.