JALTCALL 2022 Post-conference Publication

Todd Cooper, James York, Editors

Associate Editors:

Anthony Brian Gallagher, Araceli Salas, Dara Tafazoli, Elena Alcalde Peñalver, George MacLean, Işıl Günseli Kaçar, Joe Tomei, Michael Blodgett, Satchie Haga


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  1. Interactivity’s Effect on Playing Versus Watching a Real-time Strategy Game: a Preliminary Experiment. Shawn Anderson, Ritsumeikan University.
  2. Using Online Forums to Promote Japanese University Student Motivation to Use English Outside the Classroom. Jack Pudelek, Rikkyo University.
  3. Self-access learning and Minecraft: observations and student perceptions. Robert Remmerswaal, Sojo University & Robert Dykes, Sojo University.
  4. Ready, Set…? End-User Testing of an AR Treasure Hunt Learning. Samuel Taylor & Adam Stone, Kyushu Sangyo University.
  5. Evaluation of a VR language learning environment: Effect of feedback on learners’ flow state. James York, Meiji University, Hirotaka Takuma, Tokyo Denki University & Takuya Yoshino, Tokyo Denki University.

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ISBN 978-4-901352-70-3

Playful CALL 2022

Selected papers from the JALTCALL2022 Conference, Japan.

© 2023 by the JALT CALL SIG and individual authors.

First published in Japan in 2023 by the JALT CALL SIG.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37546/JALTSIG.CALL.PCP2022